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A house with tradition... since 1875

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Alois Wallnöfer (Kromer Lois) ran in 1850 a shop at the corner in the today's Hotel. His son-in-law Alois Karner, moved out of the Taferner-Inn at the main place, married the daughter Maria Wallnöfer. The couple opened the inn “Zur Neuen Post”.
Already 1877 they introduced the first visitor's book. The books, kept constantly from this date until today and still well preserved, give a lot of information about the number and the personal qualities of the tourists. Since 1877 up to the turn of the century something over 4000 guests have signed personally. This results in nearly 200 guests per year in the inn “Zur Neuen Post”. The house then had 36 beds with prices of 1,20 – 2 crowns per night and 5 – 7 crowns for full board. Concerning the countries of origin, about two thirds were from Germany of that time, followed by Great Britain, America, less from France, Italy and the own country Austria. The traveling time lasted from June to the end of October. Up to the year 1910 there was still the carbide lighting system. Only then the electrical wires were laid from the power station in Mals to Spondinig. There was also the ice cellar, which was filled in the winter with chopped ice in order to keep the food fresh during the summer. The menu was vast and one could have hot food the whole day until midnight. They also hat fish dishes – fresh trouts were mainly kept in the pond.


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This inrush of tourists and the economic prosperity were interrupted immediately with the outbreak of the First World War. The fat years were over and there followed a lot of poor years. During the four years of the First World War there were put up in the inn the Rayon command 1 of the Ortler front. There were only Austrian troops from the common soldier up to the Rayon commanding officers Colonel Hradesny, Colonel Abenddorf and finally, until the end of the war, Colonel Lempruch, General Dankl and then the field marshals von Conrad and Archduke Eugene. And last but not least, in September 1917 and again before the end of war in October 1918, also His Majesty Emperor Charles stayed at the hotel for a war situation meeting.
After the end of the First World War the Italian soldiers came over the Stelvio Pass to Prad and established themselves in the Posthotel. In the interwar years the tourism stagnated under the fascist government. Only in the post-war years the number of overnight stays increased again.

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